This is a peer-reviewed publication containing original scientific papers on the conservation and management of whales, dolphins and porpoises. The Journal is accompanied by an annual Supplement which contains the report of the IWC Scientific Committee meeting and intersessional workshops held during the relevant period. There are also a number of topic-based Special Issues.


Published: 2020-09-10

Dolphin bounty hunting in the history of the Italian fishery

Giorgio Bavestrello, Riccardo Cattaneo-Vietti, Eleonora Meliada, Guido Gnone

25 - 31

Cetacean diversity of Mauritius

Imogen Webster, Vic Cockcroft, Adele Cadinouche, Annette Huggins

45 -58

Chronic ocean noise and cetacean population models

Rob Williams, Danielle Cholewiak, Christopher W. Clark, Christine Erbe, Craig George, Robert Lacy, Russell Leaper, Sue Moore, Leslie New, Chris Parsons, Howard Rosenbaum, Teri Rowles, Mark Simmonds, Raphaela Stimmelmayr, Robert S. Suydam, Andrew Wright


Review of the assessment of two stocks of Antarctic minke whales (eastern Indian Ocean and western South Pacific)

Hiroto Murase, Debra Palka, Andre Punt, Luis Pastene, Toshihide Kitakado, Koji Matsuoka, Takashi Hakamada, Hiroshi Okamura, Takeharu Bando, Tsutomu Tamura, Kenji Konishi, Genta Yasunaga, Tatsuya Isoda, Hidehiro Kato


A first acoustic density estimate for sperm whales in Irish offshore waters

Jonathan Gordon, Douglas Gillespie, Russell Leaper, Arthur Lee, Lindsay Porter, Joanne O'Brien, Rossa Meade, Oliver Ó Cadhla, Simon Berrow


A note on minke whales (Cetacea: Balaenopteridae) in Uruguay: strandings review

Eduardo Juri, Meica Valdivia, Paulo Cesar Simoes-Lopes, Alfredo Le Bas